Saturday, July 13, 2013

Who Does Your Girlfriend Think She's Fooling?

It's come to my attention that Lianne Spiderbaby (AKA Lianne MacDougall), a writer for online and offline publications like Fangoria, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Video Watchdog, FEARnet -- well, she used to be on FEARnet... Oddly enough, she's also the current squeeze of our old pal Quentin Tarantino has something more in common than just a love of film with her beau. She's also a big fan of Tarantino's "collage style" of art.

Lianna, host of the Rondo-award winning "horror multimedia" site Fright Bytes, has been taking whole swaths of other peoples' writing and passing it off as her own without any kind of acknowledgement. She's posted numerous articles on FEARnet as a column called "Spiderbaby's Terror Tapes," that have been largely based on other peoples' work.

First Example
The July 9, 2013 piece, "'Suspiria' with Barbara Magnolfi," pieced together sections of original writing along with chunks from,, and Here's a visual example of the introduction to Lianne's interview (which is not plagiarized):

Without a doubt, Suspiria is Dario Argento’s best film (some of you may not feel the same, but I stand behind my choice), and one of the most atmospheric and artistic films ever made in the horror genre. It is the first in Argento’s “The Three Mothers” trilogy, which also includes Inferno and The Mother Of Tears. Argento was at the top of his proverbial game when directing both Suspiria and Inferno as they defy everything you've come to expect from horror films. Not only are they brimming with suspense and incredibly stylized violence, they are absolutely beautifully filmed.

Suspiria defines the horror film as a work of visual art. Scenes are lit with bright reds, greens, and blues making them look more like moving paintings than film. It's a masterpiece of visual filmmaking. Suspiria also includes one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time. Goblin, who would score numerous other films for Argento, provide a haunting score and one that uses strange human vocals, the sounds of whispers and gasps to compliment the music. It's an artistic choice that lends itself well to the film. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Suspiria without Goblin’s soundtrack. The 1977 giallo classic is an experiment with lighting, mise-en-scène and sound.

Rightly considered the pièce de résistance of Dario Argento's filmmaking career, the movie is sparse and plain as it follows a young American dancer named Suzy (Jessica Harper) through the stressful demands of a prestigious ballet academy. Over the course of the film, Suzy slowly discovers that the ballet studio is run by a nasty coven of witches.

But it’s the beginning sequence that sets Suspiria apart from all the rest – it starts out late in the night during a raging storm. A young woman runs screaming from the exclusive Frieberg ballet school. We see her hurtling, screaming through the woods, illuminated by lightning. After she arrives at a friend's apartment she peers through a window into the tumult, only for an arm to smash through one window pane and, in a loving, extended shot, suffocate her against the other. While her friend drums hysterically against the locked door the gloved hand repeatedly stabs the girl. In the next shot the stabbing continues, this time in full close up as the fiend winds a rope around the shrieking victims legs. Then, we cut to the friend running into the lobby of the apartment building for help. As she looks up towards a stained glass ceiling, the victim's head crashes through it in a hail of glass shards followed by her body. We cut to the blood-drenched corpse, suspended by the rope dripping blood onto the floor. Finally Argento pans the camera to reveal his next horror: the falling glass has impaled the friend to the ground, crucifix-like, the largest sliver having split her face in half. This is horror beauty at it’s finest!

Yeah, that's pretty blatant.

Rather than 'fess up to what she'd been doing, it's my guess that Lianne is going to throw her intern, Raven Cousens, under the bus. Why do I say that? Lianne announced the arrival of her "new evil henchman" in a post on her website on June 17, 2013. Now, all mentions of Raven have been removed from Lianne's site. So, don't be surprised if Raven is set up as the fall girl.

There's a small problem with the idea of Raven being the culprit in this plagiarism. It's not that Raven would have been ghost-writing (or ghost copy/pasting) pieces that were credited to Lianne. Instead, it's that the chronology doesn't add up. I say that because Lianne was lifting passages from other peoples' works before the announcement of Raven's internship.

Second Example
On May 6, 2013, Lianne (or someone being credited as Lianne Spiderbaby) posted on FEARnet's "Spiderbaby's Terror Tapes" in the article "'Popcorn' with Jill Schoelen." This time, supplied the lion's share of the content for the piece, either directly or via some loose paraphrasing. I'll just highlight the direct stuff and readers can compare the rest.

Maggie (Jill Schoelen), a student at USC film school, is plagued by recurring dreams that feature a terrifying man evoking Satan and other cultish horrors. At school, the film department’s funding has just been cut, but the department head comes up with an idea: holding a festival of old gimmick horror films in a soon-to-be-demolished theatre to raise funds. A film memorabilia expert shows them a film called The Possessor, which features occult sacrifices being conducted by Lanyard Gates, the guru of a film cult in the 1960s. Maggie is startled when the film shows things that appear in her dreams. As the festival begins, a masked madman starts killing off Maggie’s classmates and those closest to her. It also appears as though the killer wants one thing – Maggie. The story is a tad contrived – it is set up to suggest that Lanyard Gates is the killer but it turns out that the killer is someone else who fits into the contorted Lanyard Gates schema.  The script does offer a few amusing lines. One student protests that there is more social relevance in one Police Academy film than in all of Ingmar Bergman’s!

The masterminds behind Popcorn were none other than Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby, who worked together on the frighteningly fabulous Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972), Black Christmas (1974) and Dead of Night (1974).  However, they both took their names off of Popcorn because of all the controversy surrounding the making of the film.  Ormsby wrote the script and used the name Tod Hackett. Although Bob Clark was on set everyday, he decided to be uncredited.  It isn’t known why their names were removed, or why Ormsby was fired.

Mark Herrier was the replacement director, and Popcorn was his first feature. Popcorn comes with a great affection for the lost pleasure of attending a movie at the theater, and it even screens old refreshment and snack ads. Popcorn may have been more successful if it were released today – with such heightened nostalgic aspects, the film would have proven to be popular amongst the sequel-loving horror fans today.   In particular, Popcorn has affection for the old gimmick films of the 1950s. Many of the gimmicks used in the film – the mosquito harnessed to fly across the theatre; insurance policies and warnings about dying of fright; electric buzzers on the seats; and odors pumped into the theatre are all gimmicks that William Castle used in the 1950s. Popcorn also challenged its audience with self-reflective postmodern sensibilities in away that wasn’t really experimented with until Wes Craven’s Scream.

I would advise St. Martin's Press, the publisher of Lianne's upcoming book, Grindhouse Girls (with an intro penned by Tarantino), to do their due diligence to make sure everything is properly vetted and footnoted.

Lianne Discusses Editing
Want a good dose of irony? Watch this video.

Full disclosure, a lot of the research for this piece was done by several other folks (and verified by me -- you can verify it yourself via cached versions of the pages). I'd hate to be accused of 1) plagiarizing someone else's work or 2) putting my name on an article that someone else wrote. Wouldn't that just be a terrible thing to do?

Stay tuned for updates in this story.

Update 7/13/2013 @16:26:
It's been an interesting morning to say the least. I've gotten a lot of feedback on this post and I appreciate everyone who's had something to say, good or bad. The comments to the post are very interesting and some of them are incredibly enlightening.

The video I posted above has been made private and the post about Raven Summers has been re-instated. Lianne's website went down for a little bit but it seems to be back. Likewise, some of her tweets have been up and then down later on. I thought I saw tweets about her individually apologizing to authors for the things she's cribbed but that seems to be down (and Twitter goes through a lot of hoops to try and disable caching of their stuff.

But, here are a couple of interesting tweets that I screen grabbed (despite being now blocked from following her):

Lianne reached out to me to ask me to take down this post but I told her I wouldn't. I figured that we've all had enough of disappearing posts and that doing so would merely fuel the (f)ire.

Update 7/14/2013 @09:29:

Update 7/16/2013 @15:58:
As noted in the comments below, Video Watchdog editor Tim Lucas has retracted his initial assessment of the situation and published a statement about the situation on his blog. This initial statement included assurances that the article Lianne penned for the next issue of VW was plagiarism-free. He has now updated that statement to say that it is not free of pilfered prose.

Unfortunately, new findings have forced me to retract a portion of yesterday's statement. John Charles has notified me that evidence of plagiarism has been found in Lianne Spiderbaby's coverage of EMANUELLE IN AMERICA. John is preparing a statement we will be posting later in the day.

I know of several writers who would do a much better job at writing and being honest in their craft that Tim may want to employ (or re-employ), including a few that Lianne ripped-off. Read more here.

Update 7/17/2013 @19:57:
Traces of Lianne's plagiarism keep disappearing from the web. Today all of the videos of her Rondo award-winning FrightBytes show went private, essentially removing all of the content from the YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, more writers are coming forward about being plagiarized. One of the latest is from Scared Stiff Reviews, another is from author Joe Wawrzyniak whose review of I Dismember Mama on IMDB found its way in part to FEARNet courtesy of Lianne. At some point I imagine that someone more ambitious than me will catalog all of these.

In the meantime, keep tabs on the latest events here or via the forums at Latarnia, Monster Kid Classic Horror Forum and The Mortuary.


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mrwallace said...

I don't see any instances of slut-shaming here. Calling a girl a whore is not slut-shaming.That's rude but stating an opinion. Slut-shaming would be saying that she should be guilty for having sexual desires. No one said anything like that about her. People just seem justifiably upset because she tricked them into trusting and hiring her by covering her social media with her flashy beau, then passed other people's works off for profit. I wonder why her flashy beau just doesn't write everyone wronged a check and be done with this? Wny leave her out to dangle like this? Anyway..

As for buying her book on Amazon, Even the great QT himself put out a Grindhouse movie that was one of his worst performing movies ever. So at best this was a mediocre idea and now that she has lost the respect of very one community that actually cared and would support a book like this, who will buy this?

seancarter said...

The exceptionally talented ladies of horror that exist in this community should put together their own book of women who worked in the Grindhouse genre. It can be a book that talks about what Grindhouse is and highlight about six or seven women in the genre.

Perhaps one or a few of you should put your heads together for this. You can easily create an ebook that you can sell independently on Amazon in the wake of all of this. Why not profit from Spiderbaby? I'm sure your book will be better written and contain all original content. You guys actually have talent and passion for film.

I'm sure all of the industry magazines like Fangoria and Video Watchdog would support and promote the project. Learn her tactics, copy her methods. Ride the wave of all of this.

The ladies who should get together and do this? All the pretty ladies in this article:

Maybe a magazine like Fangoria can sponsor the project?

Just a thought. I don't work in the horror industry but this is what we would do in mainstream marketing to capitalize. Unlike Ms. MacDougall, you have the talent and the non-smeared names in your industry and people are looking to support the real deals right now. Good luck.

William S. Wilson said...

Her "work" in Famous Monsters of Filmland tumbles:

haroldpinter said...

What exactly does St. Martin's Press need her for? So she can piece together a book about the women of Grindhouse from other people's blogs on the internet and pass it off as her own??

Why not just give Quentin Tarantino the book deal?
He's the real expert and the one who has the fan base.

This girl is infamous now but not in a way that sells merchandise. No one respects her professionally now. Or give another more skilled writer with cred in the community the shot to write original material?

briangray said...

I clicked on this site via a link on Gawker and boy there is a lot of emotion in so many of these comments.

What I sense most is hurt and confusion from a very passionate crowd of close knit horror movie fans. What this woman did is horrendous. There must be some sort of legal action the publications can take. If you have to stop your presses because you have to remove plagiarized stories, she should pay your damages. She should also return the money you paid her.

I suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg. From reading more about her I suspect she actually fraudulently became a horror film reviewer just to get close to Tarantino.

The irony is that you people, all of you fans with your blogs, your forums, your small struggling indie mags that she defrauded out of funds and unscrupulously and ritually stole words and thoughts and paragraphs from verbatim and swindled money for are the very people who built Tarantino.

You guys are the enthusiasts that buy his merchandise, herald his films buy his banned action figures... and beat his drum and you have been doing it from the beginning. It's a shame she had to screw you guys, the very people who are the backbone of his fan base to impress or get close to him.

Obviously we know this has nothing to do with him since as much as he pays homage to other works,he also is a champion of genre film and always uses his films to shine a light on the films and refrences that inspired him. He is essentially one of you guys with a big bank account. If he wasn't who he was, he'd probably be pissed too. I am sure he isn't co-signing on Liane screwing the little guy since he was once a little guy in a video store.

So, I really feel badly for your community that this person has used and abused you. I hope this has made your community stronger and more close knit. You seem like a fun group of people. God bless each and every one of you.

Customer Service said...

Ok, you're a white and/or multi-cultural person who seems to have a fetish for Black imagery and figurines. Sure you're not Spiderbaby's boyfriend?

quickquestion123 said...

After she fleeced magazines and Fearnet for $$$ and work visas, I wonder if the next news we hear about her will be that she's fleeced Tarantino? She really closed down shop and got out of dodge like a con artist after all these endless fabrications and examples of her blatant and constant plagiarism were brought to light. I've never seen anyone who wasn't super shady act like that.

Lizzie said...

Jonah Lehrer's already published book was, pul ped when it was discovered he manufactured quotes . I know it is easy to be cynical but St Martin's will withdraw the offer I am pretty sure. Li ane was c exposed less than a week ago and they are probably doing due diligence before making the call. This is a huge "oh sh#t" moment for them.

she is no doubt lying her ass off and trying to spin this of course but it will be a hail Mary pass at best.

evildeadlover said...

I think we should all take a moment and give a round of applause to:

1. Tim Lucas from Video Watchdog.
After initially being myopic and not seeing he'd been fooled by Lianne, he finally saw that she had purposely deceived him and retracted his original comments defending her. In case you missed his retraction, you can read it here:

Also, Lianne emailed Tim over the weekend after she was exposed to tell him that her last works were definitely not plagiarized. That turned out to be a lie as the article turned out to be wrought with plagiarized materials. You can read about that here:

You have served our community for years. I know that I speak for many when I say that we love and appreciate you.

We are a small community of film geeks but this whole episode shows that our voices matter and are powerful. Lianne may be able to spin, lie, cover her tracks and salvage her career (whatever that is since she obviously isn't a writer) but she has alienated her consumer base. How will she sell anything to the very people she robbed from?

horrorjunkie said...

For all we know Lianne might be pleased with herself right now because QT may continue to date her and support her through all of this. In fact, he would look like a tool if he ditched her right now. So maybe he is chilling out and enjoying all the attention.

We have no way of knowing how much he knew about this or whether he supported or encouraged this sort of thing and it's not important. Karma always comes around and it always handles things much better than any mere mortal could possibly do. So let's just step aside and let it work.

For those of you who are concerned if he ends up with a dishonest person who eventually pulls a fast one on him? Welp. He's a big boy. He's made it this far so if a woman like this will be his financial undoing, let's wish him a happy marriage and/or many child support and alimony payments. He can do better but maybe he doesn't want to. Not our problem.

Meanwhile, let's stay positive about this by naming and promoting all of the writers she stole thought after thought, paragraph after paragraph and passed off as her own for multiple articles and videos and also went so far as to enter into contests for awards.

Please check them out, hire them and promote their websites and blogs. They love film and would love to be hired to lend their talents to any publication or book project.

1. John Berger -
2. Matt Deapo -
3. Mary Ann Doane - film professor
4. M. Enois Duarte -
5. Melissa Garza -
6. Robert Graysmith - true crime author
7. - IMDb contributor
8. MaryAnn Johanson -
9. Shawn Levy -
10 Mike Massie -
11. Patrick McGilligan - Hitchcock biographer,
12. Monty Moonlight - reviewer at Amazon
13. Steve Pattee -
14. Jason Pitt -
15. Richard Schieb -
16. Steven Jay Schneider - former BFI editor and current PARANORMAL ACTIVITY producer
17. Adam Smith -
18. Joe Wawrzyniak - aka the prolific Woodyander on IMDb,
19. Karl Williams - reviewer at Rovi

Unknown said...

"Who Does Your Girlfriend Think She's Fooling?" What a pathetic attempt at relevancy. I've read your brain-damaging, cancerous articles about Quentin and his "stealing", watched your inept "Who do you think you're fooling?" videos, and come to an easy conclusion. You're a sham. You're a parasite. Quentin Tarantino is an iconoclastic epitome of success. You're a leach. You accuse him of *stealing* from others. You're a bloviating idiot. Case in point, the title.

This woman has done a terrible thing, no argument there. You're desperate attempt at acclaim is to tie that back to Quentin? Who made you the moral arbiter of journalism? The only thing you're known for is attacking a fantastic filmmaker. You're going to go throughout your entire life and that's the only thing you'll be known for (by a small handful by the way). Meanwhile, Quentin continues to live a great life with millions of fans. Get over yourself. Do something real with your life. Stop throwing salt on the wounds you've caused this girl.

Josh Hadley said...

To unknown:

What a sycophant you really are. White did the right thing in not just this case, but in the 93 case as well. Plagiarism is NEVER an excusable act, ever and Tarantino made his fame by being the most blatant one out there. Reservoir Dogs WAS complete theft even with cover up of said theft. Just because you suckle at the teat of the almighty Tarantino does not mean plagiarism is not to be exposed. I, for one, am a HUGE James Cameron fan for instance... yet he stole the hell out of Terminator, that is undeniable. Same with Tarantino. Also, how are one a great filmmaker when they have failed to EVER make anything that is not "homage", reference or outright theft of material? Tarantino has yet to make anything original and somehow you fanboys leap to him as a godsend to film making who is above criticism. He is a cinematic thief, his girlfriend is a word thief and your defense of such acts makes you either an enabler or a moron, either way you have lost when it comes to rational thought.

Josh Hadley said...

Also, only cowards hide behind pseudonyms.

franklyspeaking64 said...

Let's not confuse what Tarantino does with theft. Tarantino always tells you what inspired his work and what styles he's copying and even champions it. Lianne not so much. She wanted to come off as a scribe but clearly isn't one, so she stole a LOT and lied a LOT. Quentin knows how to make a movie, he doesn't cut and paste other films together verbatim and claim it as his own. Look, maybe he doesn't think what she did is wrong and that's another issue and we cant really control that and frankly who cares. That's his problem.

The ppl you keep company with tells you a lot and we'll see if he publicly defends her. At that point, everyone can decide for themselves what they think of him and whether they want to support him and continue shelling out dough for his stuff. But at least for his own work, he gives credit where credit is due.

Kayebot77 said...

Defending her on the ridiculous grounds of false solidarity, i.e. women coming to her defense saying she's only being targeted because she's a woman, and criticizing people's motives for their anger as being based on jealousy of her looks and success, is completely ignorant and anti-feminist. People aren't jealous of her success, they're angered because all of it is undeserved, attained by dishonest means at the detriment of other people. Her looks didn't convince people of her dishonesty, talentless, thieving, and sense of entitlement... her actions and behavior did. Those who were wronged have asked for compensation and an apology, and they haven't gotten either. The only person on a high horse are Lianne and the idiots defending her.

Nicole said...

What Kayebot77 said.

William S. Wilson said...

Horrorjunkie stole my list! I kid, I kid. Seriously, I did compile those, but in the hopes that everyone would check out the 19 writers she did steal from. Sadly, that is probably only the tip of the iceberg. And maybe, just maybe, a certain plagiarist can use that handy list to start getting some apologies going? Ha, who am I kidding.

Teddy C. said...

By the way, Mr. Unknown... I wasn't aware of Mr. White before this but from reading about this at length, he certainly didn't "cause" any wounds. All of Lianne's wounds were self-inflicted. She pretty much shot herself in the foot with her own actions. Her con artist games were going on for months if not years she was writing for these magazines. Frankly, It's probably still going on. I would wager she's still telling lies, covering her tracks and using QT's name and influence to get her out of this. Nothing's changed. She's just doing the same thing underground with private accounts. Someone like her needs an audience. She went through a lot of trouble for attention. For someone like this, a public shaming doesn't slow them down if they are gaining any positive traction in other areas.

caseclosed said...

Reading all of this and shaking my head. I suspect that this girl has mental problems and is quite pleased with herself. Not sure if making her famous embarrassed her or made her feel better about herself. In her mind she's probably gotten away with it and loving the attention. She would have had issues in whatever environment she ended up in. At least now, the world is aware of her and if anyone is foolhardy enough to deal with her and something bad happens, at least they can't say "she seemed like such a nice girl"

surlatable said...

Oh wait. There's even MORE plagiarism by Lianne. HUGE blocks of it. So far every piece that has been checked is turning up tons of it.

kissthecook said...

She even copied the typos. Sad.

Customer Service said...

1. John Berger -
2. Matt Deapo -
3. Mary Ann Doane - film professor
4. M. Enois Duarte -
5. Melissa Garza -
6. Robert Graysmith - true crime author
7. - IMDb contributor
8. MaryAnn Johanson -
9. Shawn Levy -
10 Mike Massie -
11. Patrick McGilligan - Hitchcock biographer,
12. Monty Moonlight - reviewer at Amazon
13. Steve Pattee -
14. Jason Pitt -
15. Richard Schieb -
16. Steven Jay Schneider - former BFI editor and current PARANORMAL ACTIVITY producer
17. Adam Smith -
18. Joe Wawrzyniak - aka the prolific Woodyander on IMDb,
19. Karl Williams - reviewer at Rovi


Customer Service said...

WOW. She REALLY does not deserve that book deal now. And people need to start a lawsuit. It appears that she comes from big money and does not need anyone for affluence. That is the worst-that she does not need money-AT ALL. I think a joint lawsuit is the answer. 20K each. Go for it!

bilbobaggins28 said...

I don't know where you got your info and no disrespecting what someone might consider to be "affluent" but she's definitely not an heiress. I heard her father works a job so her family may be upper middle class (by suburban Canadian standards). She doesn't have anywhere near Tarantino money. So she needed the dough at least to a certain extent.

However at the end of the day, it appears she's really just an obsessed Tarantino fan who changed her last name to "spiderbaby" because that's his favorite film, got a career writing for small horror magazines so she could approach him as a "professional". Pitiful.

By the way she's behaved, I bet it will be all fun and games until he tries to break up with her.

Hojis Mojis said...

Um...she ripped off HER OWN EDITOR (Chris Alexander at FANGORIA) and fellow Canadian critic ROBIN WOOD!!! She's a thief, a liar, a sociopath. Has zero to do with QT's intertextuality thruout his work. Kubrick appropriated just as much in his work, Scorsese - probably more so. Discovering intertextuality is what makes cinema breathe. Discovering a woman copying other authors verbatim is what kills journalism.

Teddy C. said...

She copied someones work and left the typos in? Moron.

Karma is the gift that keeps on giving. I'd hate to be her.

I doubt she's rich. Most independently wealthy young women tend to date rock stars and guys that are closer to their age and cuter. Girls who are fortune hunters usually go after the middle-aged dudes. Seems like she took the easiest entry point to a big daddy wallet.

Mike White said...

This is amazing:

LG: Now, writing can be a challenging thing sometimes to keep motivated with if you aren't in the right frame of mind at the time. You may be tired, or frustrated, or lacking inspiration certain days which makes it hard to keep going. What kept you motivated to write each day? Did you ever want to give up?

LS: No, it’s really just as simple as I love writing about things that I love, so it’s quite easy to stay motivated. I’m lucky to not have the kind of writing job where I HAVE to go online and write about relationship advice or something like that. I’m lucky that I don’t have to do that to make ends meet – that mundane, forced to write about shit I don’t care about is never a factor in my writing. I only write about what I want to write about, and I’m fortunate enough – especially in the case of my book – to get paid well to do it.

LG: Getting paid to do what you love is a huge bonus! Something we all strive for most definitely in life! And being an aspiring writer myself and seeing you get paid to live your dream, how does a writer become successful in your opinion?

LS: Commit to writing everyday, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. That’s why I think it’s important for every writer to have a blog. Even if you have five minutes and only something small you want to say, there is an outlet for it. As far as writing books, I would give myself personal deadlines. I gave myself two weeks per chapter, and when I’m writing full-time, I give myself four days per chapter.

From Have You Ever - Lianne Spiderbaby: Delving into Exploitation Films and Her Journey To Becoming a Successful Author

Zoe Alexander said...

Are the magazines entitled to get their money back if an author turns in non-original works? Does anyone know the answer to this? Also what about the print runs that Video Watchdog just did? If he asked her if the works were original and they weren't seems fair that he take it out and bill her for the reprint? Anyone know if publications have rights to protect them against stuff like this?

Unknown said...

Josh Hadley,

Sycophant? Really? Do you think I think Tarantino will read my comment?

You've missed the point.

If Mr. White wanted to expose this writer for plagiarism, why not do it with some singularity? The fact that he has to tie it back to Quentin is his desperate attempt at recognition; something he's been pursuing for how long?


If you'd like to discuss Quentin's film-making, I'd be happy to do it.

The fact is, Mr. Tarantino lives a wonderful, self-actuated life making millions of his fans happy with his work. You can sit there and talk trash about him all you want. In the grand scheme of things, your voice is nothing but a small breath; something no one will ever hear nor care about.

Mike White said...

And neither is yours, so I guess we have that in common, Unknown. :)

Customer Service said...

No, no, no... She comes from MONEY and according to someone who knows her, she's extremely well off via her parents. She owns champion horses and can fly here and their without QTs dime. She needs to pay everyone she stole from, not because she can afford to but because it is the correct thing to do.

" Stop throwing salt on the wounds you've caused this girl."

Oh puhlease!!!! It may make you uncomfortable that QT's girlfriend is a RIP OFF but don't be fooled and drink the Spiderbaby Koolaid.

Customer Service said...


Customer Service said...

You have two typos about RAVEN COUSENS. First you call her Cousins and then Summers. I hope she sues LSB. It is basement ethics to do what she did.

Teddy C. said...

Lies. Not sure if she lied to this friend or the friend is making assumptions. She had a horse and it died. Her mother has a horse. Don't forget she made a good sized advance for her book deal and she's been collecting paychecks from Fearnet, Fangoria and Video Watchdog. She doesn't pay rent in Canada or Toronto so obvi she has money to fly back and forth. And yes everyone should get compensated, especially the publishers who paid her for her stories.

Also the one or two misguided individuals who think it's somehow compliment that she stole their work (likely because it came up in her random Google searches about the topic) should reflect on the fact that she turned your stories in as her own and got paid. You did not.

Teddy C. said...

* "LA or Toronto" not "Canada or Toronto"

L. Rob Hubb said...

MaryAnne Johanson's (Flick Filosopher) piece for Bleeding Cool, which the site pulled without explanation:

Wengy B said...

Use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to recover old posts and webpages that have been taken down.

Wengy B said...

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine. Can't erase something from the archive.

Priscilla Rose said...

Spidermonkey gives women in horror a bad name. To hell with the people chastizing those who brought up her personal life. She's the one who name dropped QT on a regular basis so her personal life is fair game. She didn't make a mistake, she new exactly what she was doing and is only sorry she got caught.

Thomas Duke said...

Apparently, her college thesis paper on Deep Throat was also plagiarized:

It's possible that she was a serial plagiarist in college and was rewarded a degree "with honors" as a result. She kept on pasting and copying and kept on getting rewarded, so, from her vantage point, why stop?

Based on the connective tissue in her reviews that she actually wrote, I doubt she could write a cohesive and incisive film essay on her own, possibly because she was able to get away with not having to.

Keir said...

And when she ends the plagiarised tour-de-force with a single line of her own, she confuses 'it's' with 'its.'

Ronboxy Ahuja said...

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Fuck Head said...

To be honest, the writing coming from either side isn't really any more advanced than a middling review you'd find from Joe or Fred Bloggs on IMDb. I don't see what was so special or insightful about them to be plagiarised in the first place.

alone in the dark said...

This is the first I've heard of this woman and to be honest, it all reminds me a bit of Sunset Gun--minus the plagiarism, of course. Pretty blonde writer dips her toe into the world of horror blogging, ends up with a famous man, yadda yadda. Whatever happened to this woman? Is she still around?

As for Tim Lucas' behavior in all this I have nothing to say other than that it doesn't surprise me in the least.

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